Master craftsman specializes in a traditional hand engraving and 3D jewelry design utilizing cutting age technologies

Our services include but are not limited to the following:


Hand engraving of any kind of monograms, signet rings, money clips, charms, lockets, pendants, cufflinks, watches, etc

Engraving by hand inside of the rings and bracelets in any languages and symbols

Deep engraving of family crests, coat of arms, seal rings

Duplication of clan silverware, initials or engraving of new letters

Carve very rich looking “platinum” pattern on wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond sets

Re-engraving heirloom and sentimental valued jewelry

Professional 3D design:

Make a 3D model from your idea or sketch on computer

Realistic rendering of 3D model


Provide free estimate before starting the process

Carve or grow wax model

Cast in any precious metals , finishing, set gems, enameling

We DO NOT use rubber molds! Every piece is crafted individually to satisfy even most demanding customer.